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Dr. David Bogorad and Dr. Tracie Sponseller are our leading team of Specialists. They will educate you, make recommendations and monitor your care before, during, and after surgery.
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In general you must be in good overall health. You must also have a healthy cornea with no significant increase in your prescription in the past year. Several painless comprehensive tests will be performed in order to completely understand the entire condition of your eyes.

LASIK's main advantage is in reshaping the corneal tissue (stroma) from the inside. This preserves the cornea's sensitive top layer of cells. Formerly PRK reshaped the cornea by removing the actual surface tissue of the cornea.

An Excimer Laser is an extremely precise laser that uses ultraviolet light to remove minute amounts of corneal tissue. Each pulse of the laser removes mere microns of tissue, far less than the thickness of a strand of your hair.

Once the laser treatment is complete the protective corneal flap is carefully returned to its original position. The flap rebonds naturally with its own tissue in minutes without the need for stitches.
The cool temperature light beam is extremely safe because each pulse produces virtually no damage to the surrounding tissue.

A very rapid and painless sequence of laser pulses complete the desired correction in a matter of only seconds.
Since the outermost layer of the cornea isn't reshaped during LASIK, there's very little surface area to heal. This means greater comfort.

Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops may be prescribed after LASIK surgery.

The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes per eye. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and have a driver escort you. You will go home wearing a pair of protective goggles and will be asked to rest with your eyes gently closed until you are examined the next day. Most people are able to return to their normal routine within 24-48 hours.

Our doctors will follow your post operative progress very carefully, checking your eyes the next day, one week, one month and three months after your surgery.

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Eye Care One's LASIK Team
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